Support for the self-employed

The Launchbox is just one of the projects Norda Trust is running to help freelancers, tradespeople and micro businesses to flourish. We have also set up a new Cornwall-wide directory for people who work this way. not only enables self-employed people to be found easily by potential customers. It helps them to collaborate with one another and to get alerts when new contracts and jobs come up.

If you want to succeed in self-employment in West Cornwall, we can help in many other ways too. There are a number of important projects operating in this area which you may want to connect with.

These include Outset Cornwall, Get Set for Growth and  Unlocking Potential.

The Workbox, where the Launchbox is based, is a workhub for self-employed people needing flexible workspace and a place to collaborate.

A great deal of informal support takes place here with members helping each other and teaming up on contracts and tasks.

It has a great mixture of successful established micro companies and start-ups as well as social enterprises. Membership starts from £50 a month.

Why not come and visit the Workbox and meet the Norda Trust team?

Find out more on The Workbox here.