Help us to help others…

Norda Trust is seeking donors who are prepared to help us expand the Launchbox annual budget. This way we will be able to offer more funding to more people.

If you want to support us in our first year to become a thriving long term part of the community, then please get in touch.

Note: your donation – to a ring-fenced Launchbox Account run by the Norda Trust – will be eligible for Gift Aid. This means we get an extra 25% on top of what you give us.

As a thank you, those who co-fund the Launchbox will be offered rewards at the Workbox including free membership, free use of the whole space, boardroom bookings and video conferencing sessions. We may also be able to offer panel membership in some cases. But most of all you will benefit from knowing you have helped people in the local community to work successfully for themselves, with no bosses and without the need to seek benefits.

Feel free to contact us about this.


Are you a charity? 

Norda Trust is seeking partners in the charity sector in Cornwall (based here or delivering here) to create a combined fund. This will be eligible for significant match funding from the next EU funding round in 2015. Our aim is to create a Resilient Employment Programme in Cornwall.  This will help self-employed people in a deprived county to fulfil their potential and to gain stability in their employment. Please contact us for more details.