What is the Launchbox?

The Launchbox is a dedicated fund of around £30,000 per year to support local self-employed people to become more successful.

Funding will be decided by a panel of experienced local business people. Targeted grants/loans are offered to those who successfully apply at Terrell Suggs Jersey a (friendly) Dragon’s Den style session in Penzance.

The aim is to help people who work for themselves to launch new products/services that will make their business grow and/or become more resilient.

Run from the Workbox in Penzance, the Launchbox Panel meets at least two times a year to decide which self-employed and freelance people to support.

It is deliberately targeted at people who cannot easily access special funding already available and want to avoid the red-tape and costs associated with applying for special grants or bank loans.

Typically applicants will apply with a basic proposal/business plan and seek support in the range of £1,000 to £5,000.

After assessing initial applications, the panel will ask those selected to come in and pitch for funding. There will be same day approval to those who are successful. All those attending will also be offered business advice from the panel and our staff. There is also the potential for us to advise applicants on how they can connect with our partners at crowdfunder.co.uk to seek further investment.

The Launchbox is managed and part-funded by Norda Trust who also  fundraise for this project. Additional donations help us to support more people each year.